With Hydronex® iGen® C whole house water softener and chloramine filter system, you can intelligently solve all water problems caused by chloramine, chlorine and water hardness.

The Puronics® Hydronex® iGen® C is a whole-house combined water softener and filtration system that is specifically designed to reduce chloramine, chlorine and hardness levels normally found in municipal water supplies.

It is equipped with the ChloroShield™ Clearess® system that uses patented Chlorostatic® technology under the control of the iGen® smart valve, allowing you to achieve healthy high-quality water in your home.

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia that is commonly used as a municipal water supply disinfectant, but could have potential side effects for people and fish. It is also very corrosive to lead and copper water pipes, so it is necessary to remove this compound from household water.

Thanks to the corrosion-resistant iGen® control valve and multi-layered stainless steel-wrapped tank in the Hydronex® iGen® C, you can ensure that you and your family enjoy the benefits of crystal clear, healthy water for years to come.

Benefits of using water treated with Hydronex® iGen® C system

  • Hydrated skin
  • Smoother, silkier hair
  • Improved food taste
  • Dishes will be cleaner
  • Better tasting beverages

Hydronex® iGen® C Features

This complete water filtration and softening system has a patented iGen® computerized control valve, and Chlorostatic® technology, which has been certified with several quality seals for its performance:

Patented iGen® computerized control valve

  • Thanks to the intelligent iGen® digital microprocessor, it is possible to control system operations in a simple way.
  • It records up to 60 days of water usage history, allowing you to maximize backwash and recharge efficiency.
  • The built-in dual backwash system ensures a clean media bed each and every time.
  • Ensures consistently superior water quality thanks to built-in diagnostics.
  • Automatic back-up system helps ensure you never run out of quality water.
  • 1” control valve has durable, corrosion-resistant construction that ensures efficient, trouble-free operation for years to come.
  • Downflow brine system ensures minimal water usage and efficient salt dosing.

Chlorostatic® Technology

The ChloroShield™ Clearess® filter media includes a Chlorostatic® technology filter that helps to effectively reduce chloramine and chlorine in household water. This ChloroShield™ Clearess® filter media comes with a limited lifetime warranty and reduces the need for filter replacement.


Hydronex® iGen® C systems are certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to NSF/ANSI 42 for chlorine taste and odor reduction. It is also certified to meet NSF/ANSI 44 standards for reduction of hardness minerals, barium and radium 226/228, and NSF/ANSI 372 for “lead-free” compliance, as verified and supported by test data.

Hydronex® iGen® C Internal components

1. iGen® Digital Control Valve

2. 3-Piece Filter Media Tank

  • Made with polyethylene inner liner.
  • Fiberglass outer layer.
  • Outer jacket made of stainless steel.

3. Chlorostatic® Technology Filter

  • Chloroshield™ Clearess® media effectively reduces chloramine and chlorine from municipal water supplies.
  • It reduces chloramine as well as chlorine taste and odor in the water.
  • Its optimum efficiency reduces system operating costs.

4. Softener and conditioner

  • Equipped with high-capacity S-759 monospherical resin, with uniformly sized beads to ensure higher flow rates and efficiencies.
  • Reduces iron, turbidity and water hardness.
  • Reduce el hierro, la turbidez y la dureza del agua.

5. Clarifier

  • It has silica gravel that clarifies the water in a powerful way.

6. Pushseal™ Fitting

  • Features superior sealing protection. 

7. Float and manifold assembly

8. Backwash tank

9. Potassium or salt

10. Potassium or salt solution