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Residential Water Treatment Systems

Enhance the water quality in your home, whether from a municipal source, by addressing common challenges like iron, sediment, sulfur, and chlorine. With our advanced filtration technology, ensure pure and healthy water from every faucet in your residence.

Why is a Home Water Treatment System Essential?

Advanced Filtration

Removes impurities, providing crystal clear water quality and unparalleled peace of mind.

Intelligent Capabilities

Smart engineering with innovative design to ensure optimal water purification.

Water Solutions

Our solutions are validated to address the main concerns of those who use poor water.

Our Water Filtration Systems for Whole House

Take care of the water quality you consume at home with the Puronics® products offered below, whose complete drinking water treatment system guarantees the purity of residential water through advanced technology and the highest quality.


Water treatment system with stainless steel filter that includes 3 stages of filtration. Ideal for purifying and eliminating water hardness for a long time.


Excellent water purification and softening system that includes all the benefits of the Terminator® C in a multi-layer tank.


Water softener with 3 layers and excellent quality, who want to take care of the water quality in their home.

3-layer water softener, ideal for budget minded consumers who wants to take care of the quality of their water at home through the highest quality treatment.


Complete purification system consisting of a 4-stage water softener and filter with a multi-layer stainless steel tank that includes additional protection by suspended solids filtration.

Real-life Experience: The Difference of Treated Water

Advanced Water Filtration Technology for Homes

iGen® Digital control valve with Silvershield® HYgene® monitor

Three-piece filter media tank

1) Inner liner of polyethylene
2) Outer layer of fiberglass
3) Stainless Steel outer cover

MicroSilver Bacteriostasis™ technology

4) Microscopic particles of silver are embedded into SilverShield® HYgene® media to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media bed

SilverShield® HYgene® filter

5) SilverShield® HYgene® media reduces objectionable chlorine and chloramine tastes and odors

6) Softener and conditioner

– High-capacity S-759 monospheric resin has uniform sized beads for higher flow rates and efficiencies
– Reduces iron, turbidity and hardness

7) Clarifier

Silica gravel polishes water to a sparkling clarity

Whole House Water Filtration System Benefits

Health and Safety

Removes harmful contaminants that can pose health risks when consumed.

Improved Taste and Odor

Filters out elements ensuring that the water is fresh and pleasant to drink.

Longevity of Appliances

Clean, treated water extends the lifespan of preventing mineral deposits.

Skin and Hair Health

Reduces exposure to chlorine and other chemicals after showers and baths.

Environmental Impact

Less reliance on bottled water means reduced plastic waste.

Cost Savings

Reduces the need to purchase bottled water, savings in the long run.

FAQs About Residential Water Filtration System

The ideal system depends on your water source (well or municipal) and its specific challenges, such as hardness, iron, chlorine, or sulfur. We recommend a complimentary water assessment to determine the best fit for your needs.

Yes, our systems reduce the need for bottled water, cutting down on plastic waste. Moreover, efficient filtration means less water wastage and a reduced carbon footprint.

No need to worry! Our company provides professional installation for all our systems. Our trained experts handle the entire process, ensuring a hassle-free setup and optimal system performance. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Our advanced systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind, ensuring they provide maximum filtration with minimal energy consumption, making them both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

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