Homologaciones y certificados para instalación de tratamiento de aguas

Future Alkaline Water treatment systems

Purified, alkaline, antioxidant, healthy water for you and your family

Take care of your loved ones’ health and don’t worry about the quality of the water they drink by using our purification and alkalinization systems.

Protect your health

We offer alkaline water free of harmful chemicals to help you improve your lifestyle. This way you can generate positive changes in your overall health.

Improves water taste

Hard water is characterized by an unpleasant taste caused by the chemicals used in the recycling process. Try alkaline water and discover the taste of purity.

Improve the health of your skin

By using purified water you can avoid problems such as dryness and skin allergies.

Softens hair

Purified water allows your hair to be properly hydrated and much more manageable.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Some studies have detected a possible link between the consumption of hard water and the development of several types of cancer.

Improves bone health

By avoiding the consumption of chemicals from untreated water, the skeletal system is less exposed to chronic diseases such as osteoporosis.

Ideal for your pets

Increase your pets’ life expectancy and quality of life by preventing them from consuming the harmful chemicals in hard water.

Prevents gastric reflux

One of the causes of gastric problems such as acid reflux is the consumption of water directly from the tap loaded with harmful chemicals.


Discover the benefits of ALKALINE WATER for your health

Take care of your entire family’s health with our residential water treatment systems. Install a water treatment system for your entire home, or include water purification equipment to get alkaline water at home and improve your drinking water.

Discover the benefits that consuming alkaline water with guaranteed purity can bring to your health, through the use of state-of-the-art equipment for your entire home.

What do we offer in Future Alkaline Water?

In Future Alkaline Water we offer solutions to take care of the planet and improve your health. We have a series of systems to treat recycled water from all over your home and transform it into purified and alkaline water.

We offer various health and savings programs, which allow you to install the entire treatment system without the need to take any money out of your pocket.

We also have a division in charge of offering solutions based on renewable and sustainable energies, through the installation of solar panels to obtain clean and environmentally friendly energies.


Health programs

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Why choose Future Alkaline Water?

By joining any of the programs we offer at Future Alkaline Water, you can enjoy many benefits while saving money, since our system allows you to forget about buying bottled water and eliminate the health problems associated with the use and consumption of recycled water.

In addition, our programs offer you a long-term supply of organic products for personal and household use.

All our programs include certified quality products thanks to the recognized brands and with great trajectory with which we have alliances. In this way, we offer quality and safety to all our customers.

For water treatment systems, we offer Puronics® products, which have been in the market for more than 75 years, offering health and improving people’s quality of life. While our organic products are supplied by Pure & Gentle, a brand recognized in the USA and known for specializing in 100% vegan and organic products, with a history of more than 30 years in the market.

Contact us to clarify all your doubts and join our health programs

At Future Alkaline Water we celebrate your commitment to take care of the planet, your health and the health of your family!

Are you ready to make changes for the planet?

Now is the time! We invite you to take the initiative to make small changes in your home that will significantly improve the future of the planet. 

Purified water for your entire household

Drink alkaline water

Do you want to have purified, alkaline and antioxidant water at home ?

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