Water systems

Take care of your family with alkaline and antioxidant water

Whole house water treatment systems, wich use advanced technology to ensure your family receives the highest quality water.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Improves skin appearance

With all the harmful minerals out of the water, your skin won’t feel as dry after a shower because the softer water will prevent dryness.

Improves hair appearance

The best way to keep hair healthy is to wash it with the right water: soft water, free of chemicals and harmful minerals.

Clothes feel better and last longer

Soft water will not leave mineral build-up, which means your clothes will be cleaner and softer, without using strong detergents.

The Water is healthier

A water softener will help you remove chemicals and metals that are not good for your health. So you can turn on the tap and drink fresh, quality water at any time.

It protects pipes and appliances

Soft water does not build up scale in pipes and appliances, which prolongs the life of appliances and helps you save a lot of money over time by avoiding repairs.

Protection and health for your pets

Having toxin-free water helps regulate temperature, a factor of great importance to your pets. Water helps them digest, eliminate waste and lubricate their tissues.


of Alkaline Water

Improves bone health

Old bone cells break down and are replaced by new ones. An alkaline water decreases resorption compared to an acidic mineral water.

Increases hydration and energy

In addition to improved hydration, efficient utilization of lactate results in increased energy, as lactate serves as an energy source in skeletal muscles.

Relieves acid reflux

The higher pH level kills pepsin, and enzyme involved in the breakdown of food proteins and one of the main causes of acid refluxs

It reduces high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol

High pH electrolyte water reduces blood viscosity, thickness and stickiness of blood after exercise, This can help reduce cardiovsacular strain due to dehydration

Removes pesticides

Drinking water only reduces pesticides by 10-40%, while alkaline water causes a 40-90% loss of pesticides. By using alkaline water to wash your fruits and vegetables, you can benefit from a healthy, pesticide-free diet.

It increases longevity

By feeding alkaline water to animals, an improvement in organs has been seen in health checks. This sheds more light on the benefits of alkaline water consumption in humans.

Water test

The type and amount of contaminants in your water will determine the best water treatment system for you home.

Our team of experts performs a water analysis in each home, evaluating the water quality with an intelligent technology system that eliminates any risk of user error.

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