Platinum ionic laundry purifier

Platinum ionic laundry purifier

The same fresh, clean fragrance you smell after a rainstorm you can enjoy with every wash, the natural disinfectant takes care of odors and stains on your clothes. As soon as you disinfect and sterilize your fabrics it dissipates, in twenty minutes or less, leaving no harmful chemicals to mix with the environment.

In fact, Active Oxygen (Ozone) has been used for decades in thousands of major hospitals to disinfect linens when it’s needed most.

Now, with Lake Industries’ PLATINUM, you can bring the same anti-microbial power to your own home.


  1. Cold running water enters through this hose.
  2. The Control Panel turns the system on automatically.
  3. The water passes through the Ionizer/Magnetic Descaler.
  4. Transforming the water:
    • The moisture is removed by the desiccant Dryer
      to increase ozone creation levels.
    • The Oxidation Module creates concentrated gaseous ozone and electrical
      concentrated gaseous ozone and electrical charges (ions).
    • The Venturi (selected during installation)
      injects the ozone and ions into the flowing water.
  5. The Static Mixer ensures that the water reaches its maximum ozone dilution and ionization.
  6. Treated water leaves the system through this hose and enters the washing machine.
  7. Get treated water for powerful cleaning around the house through the “Household Cleaning Port.”