Drinking water faucet

Drinking water faucet

The faucet has a unique design with four water modes to suit your needs.

The first one is drinking water mode, ensuring a reliable and safe source of water for your daily consumption. In addition, it features a water flow mode with a flow rate of 1.8 GPM to fill containers quickly and efficiently. A spray mode is also available, ideal for washing food and utensils. Finally, it has a pause mode, which allows you to momentarily stop the water flow without having to turn off the faucet completely.



Experimenta una limpieza eficiente y sin salpicaduras al lavar tus verduras y frutas, así como al llenar tazones y ollas, gracias al suave y aireado flujo de agua. Disfruta de una comodidad excepcional mientras realizas tus tareas en la cocina.


The spray is designed to effectively remove food residue, thoroughly rinse the sink and make cleaning your kitchen easier. With its enhanced cleaning ability, you can keep your kitchen spotless more easily and efficiently.


One of the most outstanding features of this kitchen faucet is its drinking water function, which gives you the ability to enjoy pure, fresh water with just a touch of the separate on/off switch.


This innovative faucet offers full 360-degree rotation for both the main spout and the filtered water spout. This provides maximum access to the sink, allowing you to complete your tasks efficiently and without restriction.